Nikon at the Heart of Dubai

In 2012, the Nikon Heart delighted visitors at Photokina in Cologne; in 2014, the motto was “Nikon at the Heart of Dubai”. For ten days, the stunning, award-winning installation of over 100 rotating screens made a guest appearance at the Dubai Mall, the biggest and most luxurious shopping centre in the world.

As in Cologne, visitors could use interactive touch terminals to take self-portraits. This time they got to use the new Nikon D5300, which made its world debut in Dubai. Pictures were uploaded straight to the Heart, and could also be shared in social media forums. The Nikon Heart also showed brand and product films that were produced in 8K specially for the occasion.

The climate and location posed a tough challenge for the hardware and technology team, which had four nights to install everything – and just one night to take it all down again.

It was worth it, though. With thousands of contacts on site, over 20,000 Likes on Facebook and an enthusiastic response across all media, the premiere of the D5300 in the Heart of Dubai was a resounding success.


Nikon MEA

Commissioned by

Jung von Matt/relations


metron (showcase construction)


Dubai Mall



Project Scope

conception support,technical planning, software development, interface- motion- and sound-design, operation and maintenance