Astra POS-Steles

Want heavenly TV? Astra subscribers can enjoy hundreds of TV programmes in brilliant HD quality. With interactive steles in specialist electronics shops, the company aimed to give shoppers a first-hand taste of the quality of their offering.

Obviously, any broadcaster promoting the quality of their programme at the point of sale needs a needle-sharp full HD picture that runs smoothly with no compression artefacts. For many media players that in itself would be too much, but Astra wanted even more: an animated menu in ‘cover flow’ design, plus an interactive computer with tariff comparisons. All more than 250 times over, on PoS steles throughout Germany.

The madhat video and 3D engine does the trick perfectly. It runs on energy efficient, affordable hardware and offers perfect video quality and seamless transitions between HD information films, a teaser screensaver, and the interactive tariff calculator.

Since many locations have no internet, new content can be loaded manually in moments instead. The same USB updater can also be used to update or replace the application itself. User activity is recorded in extensive logs, and to cater for different power supply times in different markets, even the BIOS settings can be updated from within the application.

Please note: Our website videos can only provide an impression of how the Astra stele works. The actual image quality is much higher.



Commissioned by

KMS Team


more than 250 installations all over Germany


since 2013

Project scope

technical planning, software development, hardware setup and testing, technical support