LBS Info-Terminal (Version 2013)

What can a SIPP do for me? Will the government subsidise my building society savings? What if I’m an apprentice? So many questions – and the LBS Info-Terminal has all the answers.

Your companions on the quest for the perfect mortgage: the four likeable ‘squares’ from the latest LBS campaign.

After the resounding success of the first Info-Terminal, LBS sales management ordered a second unit with new content in 2013. Three new modules were added to the real-time 3D application on renovation and modernisation. Interactive calculations show how easy it is to make your property dreams come true. People with a specific place in mind can have a financing model prepared. Those who aren’t sure yet can find inspiration in a virtual estate agency. Whether for young families, singles, pensioners or apprentices, the LBS Info-Terminal has good advice for everyone.

All the information and animations are displayed in full HD at a smooth refresh rate of 60Hz. A USB updater makes it easy to install new mortgage terms or financing models in moments, while log files record how the Terminal is used. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) helps keep the hard- and software fit in tough field conditions


LBS Hessen-Thüringen


numerous local branches


since 2013

Project Scope

conception, technical planning, software development, interface design, operation and maintenance