Audi AUIA Table

Satnav was yesterday. Tomorrow’s mobile assistance systems need to do much more –for example by connecting real-time traffic information or energy consumption data with personal preferences, and by monitoring the surroundings constantly for potential hazards.

Audi Urban Intelligent Assist (AUIA) is a complex sensor and analysis system that never overloads drivers with information, but only communicates when necessary.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012, Audi used an interactive table to explain its assistive system to visitors. A seamless mix of pre-produced videos and real-time 3D elements ran on three borderless displays with a total resolution of 2304 x 1360 pixels.

Visitors could trigger videos and theme-related menus by drawing a real object across the table. In keeping with the principles of AUIA, madhat developed a series of animations that explained core functions of the Audi Assistance System in the simplest way possible. At strategic points, a presenter could also loop the videos, and add extra information or answer questions




metron (showcase construction)


LA Auto Show



Project Scope

conception, software development, interface- and motion-design, operation and maintenance