Nikon Zoetrope

How do you explain frames per second, high ISO and rolling shutter? Easy: with something that’s even harder to explain – a Zoetrope.

Suddenly, everything becomes clear: a row of rotating Lego figures is transformed into an animation in the camera viewfinder. Thanks to high ISO, you can spot the (Lego) arch villain lurking in the shadowy cave. And with no rolling shutter effect, the villain’s obligatory giant ventilator is plain to see.

With this charming nod to the early days of animated pictures and the modern genre of Lego stop-motion, Nikon showed how its cameras have long since arrived in the world of professional film production.

Conceived by Jung von Matt/relations and implemented by madhat, the Nikon Zoetrope ranked with the Nikon Heart as one of the public’s favourite exhibits at Photokina 2012.

At the International Broadcast Conference 2013 in Amsterdam the Nikon booth once again featured a madhat-built zoetrope, this time a vertical version.


Nikon Europe

Commissioned by

Jung von Matt/relations


Deko Service (showcase construction)


Photokina Cologne, IBC Amsterdam



Project Scope

conception support, technical planning, software development, operation and maintenance