IBM Video Ring

At CeBIT 2011, the IBM theme ‘Smarter Life‘ was spectacularly presented in a dynamic, seemingly weightless ring of images. The installation measured 4 metres high and 9 metres across, and featured 48 monitors on the inside and a LED strip on the outside.

The madhat video engine fed the inner ring with two synchronized videos in 18K resolution (17,280 x 640 px). This meant booth personnel could run films on topics such as Smarter Health or Cloud Computing at any time from an iPad. The position of the overlay films was automatically coupled to the position of the iPad, and the surround sound followed the iPad too. The media feeds to the outer ring extended out in synch over the covering of the four information booths.

This image-intensive installation made the IBM booth the central motif of CeBIT reporting yet again.


IBM Deutschland

Commissioned by

CPP Studios Event


metron (showcase construction)


CeBIT Hannover



Project Scope

conception, technical planning, software development, motion design, operation and maintenance