TRW Interactive Globes

TRW Automotive is the global leader for automotive safety systems. At IAA 2011, madhat showcased the company’s product and technology palette.

With their convex displays, the TRW Touch Globes – developed in-house by madhat – provided an interface that was fascinating, yet intuitive. On three Touch Globes, users could call up graphics, videos or interactive 3D models on auto safety topics. Thanks to multi-touch functionality, it was even possible for several visitors to use the same exhibit simultaneously.

The fourth globe invited visitors to embark on a TRW journey of discovery; a world map that zoomed and turned freely showed the locations of more than 180 TRW production and research facilities, and offered detailed information on each one.


TRW Automotive


MDC (showcase construction)


IAA Frankfurt



Project Scope

conception, technical planning, software development, interface- and motion-design, operation and maintenance