Audi e-tron Spyder Pinball

There’s no virtual substitute for that authentic pinball feeling – you need to feel the bumpers, kickouts and slingshots with your whole body!

So for events connected with the e-tron Spyder, madhat restored an original ‘Getaway High Speed II’ pinball machine. The playing field and game structure were adapted to the theme of e-mobility in terms of their topics and design. A breakout box connected the new, self-developed control logic to the electro-mechanics, and a flat screen in the back glass panel played HD videos and real-time graphics as the game progressed.

Although the exhibit was finished on time, the project team were almost reluctant to hand it over to the client; "testing" was just too much fun.



Commissioned by

Icon Incar


Design Miami



Project Scope

technical planning, software development, sound-design, operation and maintenance