IBM Sphere Projection

How much of your life depends on rivers? How many hours do you spend in your car every day?

In a networked world, everything is connected. The central IBM idea of ‘A Smarter Planet’ is all about seeing the world’s complexity as an opportunity. Smart solutions create intelligent traffic management systems or efficient administration processes, or ensure clean drinking water. At CeBIT 2009, visitors were able to experience the underlying themes of a connected world interactively.

madhat built a video globe that ran 360° media feeds, and had a diameter of seven metres. Seven linked HD projectors, supported by a soft edge solution developed specially for the exhibit, showed real-time 3D content on a balloon made of rear projection film.

Whatever the angle of viewing, the result was a fascinating, dynamic exhibit with an impressive long range effect.


IBM Deutschland

Commissioned by

CPP Studios Event


CeBIT Hannover



Project Scope

conception, technical planning, software development, interface- motion- and sound-design, operation and maintenance