IBM 3D Medical Avatar

At CeBIT 2008, IBM showed innovations in electronic health records in a particularly vivid way. madhat created a 3D avatar whose health data could be X-rayed by a moveable monitor.

Visitors could scan its body parts, view separate body levels such as the skeleton or nervous system, and call up treatment protocols and previous diagnoses. The key to the realistic X-ray effect lay in the correlation of several variables: the rotation angle of the real avatar, the altered screen positions, and the information content requested.

The IBM 3D Medical Avatar was one of the most popular photo motifs at CeBIT 2008, and appeared in publications for years afterwards. Thanks to its robust technology, an adaptation of the Medical Avatar (City Avatar) is still going strong today after countless appearances at trade fairs and events.


IBM Deutschland

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CPP Studios Event


CeBIT Hannover



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conception, technical planning, software development, interface design, operation and maintenance