IBM Robo-Act

Industrial robots are known for their precision and power. But on the IBM booth at CeBIT 2005, a team from madhat and CPP Studios showed that a two-tonne Kuka robot can be elegant too.

Presenters explained topics such as blade servers, business on demand and electronic health insurance cards. They were supported by a 40-inch flat display on the robot arm that seemed to glide effortlessly through space on six axes.

In the background, a mix of flat screen panels and ‘smart glass’ panes (whose opacity could be modified) tied the rest of the IBM booth in with the choreography.

Viewers were fascinated by video and graphics feeds in perfect synch with the robot’s movements – and there was even a live video, correlated in real-time.


IBM Deutschland

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CPP Studios Event


CeBIT Hannover



Project Scope

conception, technical planning, software development, motion- and sound-design, operation and maintenance